NOTE BEFORE YOU PLAY: The game has no menu, as well as no way to pause. So, once you start the game, you better be ready.  :)

(Also, be patient: The game takes a bit to load, but it will load eventually)


CONTROLS: (They are written on the game, but still...)

- Arrow Keys/WASD: Move

- X/Spacebar: Jump

- Z/E: Interact



- NPCs & Tileset: 0x72 aka Robert (

- Boxes & Some Other Textures: GrafxKid (

- Some SFX: Jonas, from the WOWIE Asset Pack (

- Door SFX: Cough-E (

- All the rest: Marxy 37 aka Me

- You: For Playing (^u^)



* I Decided To Keep The "Jump And Pickup Box" Bug, Becuase From What I've Seen Most People Enjoy Using It (Keep In Mind Tho That IS still a Bug, And It Can Bug, And Sometimes Softlock, The Game) *

- Fixed The Speedrun Timer (For Real, This Time :P)

- Fixed Shadow Casters In Level 2

- Is Now Impossible To Use Koyote Jump To Reach Level 2 Early

- You Now Can't Control The Y Position Of The Camera In The Preview Zone Anymore

- Added A Spike In The Top-Left Corner Of Room 2, In Case You Want To Go Back Easly

- Made The Box Interaction Trigger A Little Bit Bigger

- While I Search For A Way To Prevent The Player To Take The Box With Him In Room 2, I Left A Warning Text In Place

- Now (Hopefully) The First Puzzle Are A Bit More Intuitive now

- Removed The Bug Where You Randomly Switch Direction 

* There Is Still The Bug Where The Walking Animation Still Plays, But I'm 100% Sure Thet's Just A Visual Bug, And That It Dosen't Affect Gameplay In Any Way *

- Now You Only Throw When You Relase The "Throw Key"

- Added A Throw Indicator When Holding The Throw Key, While Holding A Box

- Improved Player Accelleration/Decelleration (Will Improve In The Future Too)

- Added A "Fullscreen" Button (Game will stay at the same size, otherwise it'll break :P)

- Removed The Bonus Room Hint Image: Now You're On Your Own!!

- Now You Can't Build Momentum With The Box Anymore Grabbing It Mid-Air Right After Throwing It (This Should Result In More Consistent Throws)

- Improved The Box Indicator (Still Some Work To Do)

- Added Some Text In Room -2

- Fixed A Bug Added In Last Build Where Box SFX Wouldn't Play If It Landed On Another Box

- Made Level -2 A Little Bit Easier, To Accomodate To The New Player Physics

- Fixed A Bug Where If Picked Up A Mid-Air Box Whitout Moving The Preview Wouldn't be Resetted

- Double Jump Bug Should Now Be Fixed For Good

- Added Lights To The Zaps Of Level 2 & Level -2

- Added Particles To The Zaps

- Added Shadow Casters To Secret Room

- Added Shadow Casters To Level -2

- Added Respawn Box Light

- Made The Player A Little Slower (485 >> 435)

- Walking Animation Bug Now Happens Less Consistently

- It Still Needs Some Work, But Now The Throw Indicator Considers Non-Static Objects

- Updated Project To Use New Input System (This Means That There Now Is Controller Support)

- Now You Can Enable/Disable Hints With The H Key (Off By Default, Highly Suggested To Enable Them In Your First Playthrough)

- Added An Audio Feedback Form When You Try To Open The Door

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AuthorMarxy 37


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game is good pls help i have lag on browser and i can't beat lvl -1 because of lag 10/10 good game still pls help me i can only explore levels -1 to 1

this comment made me smile :) ouch, sorry for the lag. game is hard on it's own, i can't immagine it with lag thank you, glad you like it build a staircase in room 1, using the box from level -1 (room 2 and -2 will be hell with lag tho)


I got 2:09 with 2 boxes (:

Hey, that's really good!! Good Job!! (^u^)

How am I even supposed to beat level 1??!?!

Hey, thanks for asking me on DM and not giving up instead!! (^D^)


It's a two-box party


Yay you did it!! Good job!! <3

(1 edit) (+1)

Found the secret too

Edit: Those robot designs are really cool btw

Yay!! I'm so happy to hear that!! I originally thought that nobody was going to find it... (^u^)

To Reply to your Edit: Thank you, but i have to point out that i didn't made the graphics: i took them from a free tileset ( this one :3)

How to do level one? On the side things (-->)

It shows two boxes, I only have one

Alright I managed a really hard route with one box.

(1 edit)


You get the second box in level -1, if you haven't, you probably need to use the first box to reach that level first (hold the box, then die)

(1 edit)


Do you mean die while holding the box?

If so, that didn't work.

Now i'm really curious about the route you took, ngl... (^D^)

Something like this, it's not that exiting...


Nvm I got it

This was nice. I especially liked the friendly tips.

I'm glad you liked it!! (^D^)

The game doesn't load when I try to play it

(1 edit)

What browser are you using?? have you tried to change browser?? 

For me, and the few people that let playtest the game, it worked just fine, so i really don't know what's going on here... :C 


I'm using google chrome and i also tried firefox